• Is my donation/contribution tax deductible?


                   The Humane Society of Edmonson County is a 501(c)3 and   most contributions are tax deductible.  We send a tax receipt  for all donations/contributions. 

  • Do you take checks/money orders?​​

                     Absolutely! Please make them payable to Humane Society of                                   Edmonson County, or HSEC.  You can mail them to us at:

                       HSEC PO Box 274, Brownsville, KY 42210.

  • Where will my contribution go?

                   Contributions will go to help the animals of Edmonson                                    County through funding a savings account to build our own                        animal shelter in the future, low-cost spay/neuters, rabies                            clinics, pet food donations to local food pantries and other                            programs. 

  • Are your meetings public?

                     Yes.  Our meetings are open to the public and everyone is                                welcome to attend.  Look for upcoming meetings listed here                        on our website and on our Facebook page.

  • How can I help?

                    At times we need certain items that you will find  under our                         'Wishlist' on the right side of the page.  Also, we need Foster                        Parents for pets, so they will become more adoptable and                            so we can help more animals.  You can see more info for our                        Foster Program under the 'Our Animals' tab.

  • When does your annual newsletter come out?

                     Our goal is to mail on or around October 10th each year.                                Keep your eye on your mailbox.

  • How do I become a member?

                     Making a donation of any kind will make you a member of                              the Humane Society of Edmonson County for that calendar                        year, this includes volunteering.   

  • Will you sell my information?


  • Are you affiliated with the County government?

                       No.  We are a separate entity. 

  • Are you part of or associated with EC Paws?

                       No.  They are their own group.  We share a common goal                                of helping the animals in Edmonson County.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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