​​​​Humane Society


If you are interested in utilizing our low-cost dog spay/neuter services, please fill out the form below and click submit afterwards.  Your information will be forwarded to us and we will contact you.  Standard fee's are as follows:

$55.00* :  Under 40 pounds

​$65.00* :  40 - 69 Pounds

$75.00* :  70 Pounds and Over

This fee covers the cost of surgery, pain medication, rabies vaccination (1 year) and transportation to and from your pets appointment.  The evening before surgery, a representative of HSEC will meet you to pick up your pet and will return your pet to you the evening of the surgery (when we get back from the clinic).


Mobile and Tablet users please use the dicrect link here:   https://petstablished.com/petlover/general_form/11905

*There is an added $5 fee for out of county residents or people living within the City of Brownsville

Dog Spay/Neuter Application