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Live Release/Save Rate for 2017= 98%

The above Live Release/Save Rate was calculated from the above matrix.  The animals still in our care were subtracted giving us 309 live out comes out of 315 equilling 98%.  Quarterly matrixes will be posed for 2018 until the year is complete.

2017 Data Matrix

2018 Data Matrix

2016 Data Matrix

Here is our final Data matrix for 2018!


100% live release rate.

Live Release/Save Rate for 2016 = 100%

This was calculated from the above matrix.  We've been operating since 8/2/16.  We will be posting a cumulative matrix each month until Dec 31, 2016,  After that date we will be posting quarterly matrixes. 


Don't wait
  • Copy paper

  • Printer ink (Canon 245)

  • First class stamps

  • Postcard stamps

This year we're doing it a bit differently.  Please click on the link to see a PDF version of our data matrix.