Our Yearly Numbers

The Upgrade

​Thanks to a grant from Maddie's Fund, we were able to offer our first free microchip clinic.  Look for these clinics to continue into 2019.


Our Hard Work - 2018

First Litter of 2018

​Thanks again to Two Mauds Inc., we were able to offer this special to cat owners in the area.

What a year it was!  HSEC has continued to grow to meet the needs of Edmonson County.  We look to continue this growth into 2019 and beyond.  The future is bright!

Thanks to donations by our supporters, we were able to make a much needed upgrade in our hauling capacity this year!  We began by using a volunteers vehicle which got us going with our spay/neuter program, but the need outgrew the vehicle.  We are now able to transport and help many more pets than before.

February Fix 2018

Our first litter of 2018 came early on in April.  Momma had her jelly beans, who became Chocolate, Cadbury, Gum Drop, and Godiva.  We went on to help several more litters in 2018.

  • Copy paper

  • Printer ink (Canon 245)

  • First class stamps

  • Postcard stamps

​Microchip Clinic

2018 was an eventful year.  Take a look back at some of the things HSEC accomplished this year thanks to our supporters and volunteers.

2018 started strong with our February Fix $10 cat spay/neuter event.  Thanks to grant we received from Two Mauds Inc.,  we were able to offer this to the public. 

Don't wait

​​​​Humane Society


Our 2nd annual Hoedown for the Hounds was a success.  This event was our largest fundraiser of the year.  The food was provided by  Waldens BBQ and the live music performance was by Andrea Guess.  

​Hoedown for the Hounds 2018


Half Price Spay/Neuter Mar-May 2018

​The Cat days of Summer

This 1/2 price spay/neuter event is made possible by a yearly grant from ACAB, from proceeds of the spay/neuter licence plate program.  We were able to help spay/neuter several pets thanks to this program.